About AnyMan

AnyMan, formerly known as “Amen”, is a dedicated national support service for Men experiencing Domestic Violence in Ireland. We have provided support and information to thousands of Men for over 20 years. Due to the evolving needs of Men we have broadened our services to create a national helpline to support Men in creating awareness of the issues facing Men today.

Research has consistently shown that Men do not reach out due to stigmatisation and often in desperation only make one call.

With our extensive experience and global reach, we aim to introduce internationally accredited and validated programmes that will impact Men’s lives.
This will ensure that Men live longer healthier lives- and thus strike the balance both Men and Women are striving for.

We aim to be the “Go To” service in providing the simplest method for Any Man to reach out and find support for themselves and their families. While AnyMan specialises in Domestic Abuse and family issues, we are also the first point of call for Men to find the right service that will support them at the right time. We use a multifaceted approach to assist and guide Men to the appropriate supports to meet their needs.

Over the years we have successfully developed strategic alliances with the following recognised and accredited organisations/government bodies locally and internationally to ensure we reach and support Men and their families in Ireland.