How do I support my friend or family member?

Men are often reluctant to seek help. Find out what you can do.

How do I contact AnyMan for help?

Call our national Confidential Helpline: 01-5543811

Email us: [email protected]

We provide support services nationwide.

How do I make an appointment?

All clients can make one to one appointments directly with our support workers by contacting the national crisis helpline on: 01-5543811

There is also a drop in facility at our Navan office: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

General Office Email : [email protected] 

Confidential Support E-mail: [email protected]

Does your service cost anything?

AnyMan does not apply fees to our services. However, donations are greatly appreciated.

How can I make a donation to AnyMan's work?

Please visit our Donations page to find out how you can support our work.

Will AnyMan keep my information confidential?

AnyMan is a strictly confidential service. However, we are governed by children’s first guidelines and are legally bound to report any incidents of child endangerment to TUSLA.

How long can I use your service?

Our services are available for as long as you need us.

Can I use your service even if I don’t want to leave my partner?

We provide specialist counselling, practical information and legal options, while respecting and supporting you in all your decisions should you decide to leave or stay in the relationship.