Message from Our CEO

Our CEO, Sarah Jane O’Dwyer’s, speech at the launch of AnyMan outlining the reason for AnyMan’s existence and the importance of the work going forward.

“In the space of 6 months, a team of 8 Men and Women and the board of directors delivered a complete transformation of the organisation- while also maintaining its service provision- nationally. This is a great feat by any standards.
But when you understand for every 3 People in Ireland experiencing Domestic Abuse- 1 will be a MAN, it’s not difficult.
Our board of directors come from multiple industries including healthcare, legal & business who all -in a voluntary capacity gave their time and expertise to ensure we could deliver a fit for purpose organisation that meets the needs of its clients and service users.

When you look at the stats for Men’s health in general, they are still way behind Women. We live longer healthier lives compared to Men- why is that?
After many months of research, reviewing Internationally accredited programmes across the world including the USA, Canada, and Australia that support Men’s health- we realised that Men don’t reach out.

Our sons are less educated than our daughters. Our brothers die younger than our sisters. Our fathers are more likely to die at work than our mothers. Our male friends are more likely to die by suicide than our female friends.
The solution to these problems is not to stop working to improve the lives of women and girls but to increase our efforts to tackle the issues facing men and boys. This means investing more time, money and resources into helping health services become more male-friendly and focused on the needs of men and boys

The world has changed- a Man’s role in society has changed. Many of the support networks that Men traditionally had – No longer meet their needs.

Women have struggled for many years to get equality and that struggle continues – but we must be mindful in vying for Women’s empowerment that it is not at the expense of Men.
It is not an us and them scenario – we need each other but some of us are struggling.

We are not talking about reinventing the wheel- our aim is to introduce Internationally accredited and validated programmes that will impact on Men’s lives to ensure that Men live longer healthier lives- and thus strike the balance both Men and Women are striving for.

We aim to provide:

  • A helpline that addresses ALL MEN’S ISSUES
  • A national fit for purpose organisation that will reach all the towns and villages of Ireland

With New organisation we hope that Men will reach out, they will talk…They will be believed, and we can help them.

It reminds me of the First Principle of the US Marines is “Leave No One Behind, No Matter the Cost, human or otherwise, of Bringing Them Out.”

We believe this is true and will, in turn, benefit our society as a whole.”